Episode 6: Kris Deelane


This woman is a powerhouse. Not only in vocals and performance, but also in how she communicates and sees the world…and she has the most enviable mane of hair i’ve ever seen! There is a mystery that surrounds Kris for me, like she could be a character out of a kerouac novel. When she’s on stage she gives herself completely to the performance and it feels like you’ve known her all your life. But run into her at a coffeeshop, and she’ll be polite and friendly, funny and warm, while exuding the sense of knowing the secrets of the world but she’ll never tell you.

She moved to Portland from California 20+ years ago and is unafraid to talk about her part in gentrification - displacing other people when she moved into NorthEast Portland, and how people are being displaced still by “development & progress”. This woman knows her heart and is fearless in talking about the things most people would rather not.

She was half of the duo Kris & Adam when she arrived in the Northwest, which later became Sweetjuice. Decades of touring and living the troubadour lifestyle came to a halt when her mother became ill and she had to remain in portland to caretake. So… she created a 10-piece soul band called Kris Deelane and The Hurt and played about as much as a band can play regionally during the 5 years she was tethered to Portland. You can find them consistently playing shows at Alberta Rose Theater, Doug Fir Lounge, and The Laurelthirst. Kris is also a very key figure in The Next Waltz - a tribute to The Band’s “Last Waltz” by many of Portlands finest musicians to raise money for The Jeremy Wilson Foundation.

In this podcast, Kris DeeLane dives deep into many things other people might gloss over.

*Explicit Language*

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