Welcome to SongBones, A magazine for roots music lovers and the ever-growing niche of grassroots singer-songwriters. the ones in the trenches, touring umpteen dates a year to pay the rent. the ones playing house concertS, coffeehouses, small theaters, more house concerts.

we tour solo, duo or maybe even with another singer-songwriter to share the driving and stave off the loneliness. Nouveau bards with internet, VOLKSWAGENS, and bose poles. like the ones of old who ate cold food, slept on the ground and walked through rain & sleet to get to a gig on time. those kinds of bards.

songbones draws from a community of contributors who have gigs to play, albums to record, and a living to make with Wisdom to share. we’re just getting started, up on wobbly legs. we’ll be sharing stories, opinions, tricks and tips on touring close to the ground, and other sweet finds out there in americ(ana).

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- Michelle mcafee

(instigator & creator)